Mounting a Fritzbox NAS share on *nix

Since I had some trouble mounting the share of a AVM Fritzbox 7270 on my FreeNAS box, I did some research how to do it. The solution was quite easy after I figured why he was whining that he couldn’t find the server (turned out the VPN caused a problem with the NetBIOS resolution). The required share name was also one thing that irritated me since normally you can see that name when you browser the CIFS server. Here actually not, but this is nothing you can’t change with a bit of “smbutil view //server”. In the end the command to successfully mount the share on FreeBSD and Linux is as following:

mount_smbfs -W <workgroup> [-I <fritzbox ip>] //[username@]<fritzboxip>/FRITZ.NAS /mnt/<target directory>

Example: mount_smbfs -W WORKGROUP -I //myuser@ /mnt/fritznas

It’s quite simple. The parameter “-I” is optional, same goes for the username. Set those as needed and fitting to your settings on the Fritzbox itself. If you need a username/password, he will ask for the password interactive. For how to setup this mount command without password prompt check the manual of smb.conf.