Apache Tika for Dovecot with Docker

When I was looking to improve my support for IMAP Search commandos beyond just solr I came across the possibility to add Apache Tika to supply the solr instance with additional data from the documents attached to the mails. This guide requires you to use Dovecot 2.1 or newer so it have the support for Tika. As I use docker for the purpose of this guide, I assume you have it working, otherwise check www.docker.com and select “get docker” from the top menu.

For this guide we use the docker container by David Meikle I found on his Github. In the best case the build got fixed and you can go the easy way by issuing the following commands:

$> docker pull logicalspark/docker-tikaserver
$> docker run -d -p 9998:9998 --restart always logicalspark/docker-tikaserver

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