hints for adding a serialport on your mac

Once a while makers and tech-guys like me are in the need of a 9-pin serial port to flash upgrades/firmware, change the configuration or just get some display output. But on a mac we don’t have the typical plug’n’play experience  we’re used to with other devices.

picture of a serial2usb converter

serial2usb converter

So since I came to that said situation while I was making changes to my firewall (which runs on a PC-Engines Alix 2D13 board with no display connector) and found solutions I want to share them here with you guys out there. As for the hardware I was still having my good old trusty vivanco converter (as you can see in the example picture above). Those who need to get (a new) one, I suggest to take a peek at the page for the OSX driver. The said driver is to be found on Sourceforge, and on the right you find 3 Amazon with compatible hardware. Who still have a converter should try out if the PL2023 driver works for him too like in my case. The driver itself is opensource, so if you can improve it, go for it. 😉

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